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The impact of molecular Pathology and genetics on our understanding of the disease processes has been immense. Health professionals now  utilize a variety of molecular techniques to understand, diagnose and treat diseases.

Students are encouraged to focus on important aspects of this module as documented by the objectives.
In the first lecture students should understand basic molecular techniques and in the second lecture students should understand the application of these techniques in clinical medicine.

   Colorectal Cancer


   Neoplasia new Lectures 2012

   Molecular Basis of diseases I: Molecular techniques

   Molecular Basis of diseases II: Application of Molecular techniques in  clinical practice. This is your new lecture 2012

  Bone Tumours for Phase II students

CVS learning Topic Phase II students

Carcinogenesis for phase II students please download Amos paper by clicking here

CNS tumours 2011


      Reading materials:

  Microarray text book: Microarrays second edition, Humana press, volume II, applications and data analysis. A book worth getting. It explains microarrays and their application in an easy and applied way.

Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissues
Methods and Protocols



 Extra useful materials

  Understand PCR
  Understand electrophoresis
  Understand microarrays


     Lectures for Year-5 medical students

Soft tissue tumours
MDS Bone tumours






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